La Lucerne d’Outremer Abbey Foundation

Historic site and monument ,  Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Medieval ,  Abbey, Priory, Abbey church at La Lucerne-d'Outremer

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  • La Lucerne Abbey, located in the wooded valley of Thar, was founded in 1143 and was lovingly restored more than 50 years ago. In accordance with Premonstratensian Medieval principles, the emotional impact of the Abbey’s architecture derives from its sober design, large windows to optimise light, and its authentic, unspoiled surroundings. Your entrance fees are used to help preserve the Abbey by supporting La Lucerne d’Outremer Abbey Foundation which owns the Abbey and finances its maintenance and restoration.
    Dogs are not permitted inside and must be kept on a lead
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    • English
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    • Learning workshop
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  • Full-fare
    7 €
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    5 €
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    4 €
  • Large family rate
    22 €