The aims of the "Qualité Tourisme™" label

This distinction aims to increase visitors' rate of satisfaction through a commitment to providing insightful advice. As part of its commitment to Quality, the Tourist Office gives satisfaction surveys out to visitors to gather feedback and improve its services.

The aim is to make the reception staff as professional as possible in all aspects of their jobs: reception, information, promotion, event coordination and advertising.
This commitment brings the reputation and legitimacy of the Tourist Office to the fore, as a genuine contributor to local tourism and development.
The top priorities in 2017 for the Intermunicipal Tourist Office of Granville Terre et Mer are to honour its commitment to the Qualité Tourisme™ distinction and to improve its Tourist Office status to category I.

And, more specifically...

The distinction effectively publicises the region's tourism industry and works as a guarantee for tourists. For the staff, it's a matter of ongoing improvement.
Under the Qualité Tourisme™ distinction, the Tourist Office is committed to doing everything in its power to provide visitor satisfaction.

Fundamental commitments

  • Information and communication: the goal is to provide customers with clear, precise and complete information, both on the phone and on the website (signage, banners, etc.).
  • Personalised service: amiability, courtesy, cheerfulness warmth and friendliness, availability, attention, etc.
  • Staff skills: attending to customers in a fast and thorough way, advising them, finding the right information, speaking foreign languages.
  • Comfort of the offices: well-maintained and clean, with plants and green areas, reception areas and relaxation zones, comfortable furniture.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of offices: hygienic, with all facilities in good condition (toilets, furniture, kitchens, etc.).
  • Promotion of local resources: promoting local products, crafts and artists, informing customers about tourist attractions in the region.

Satisfaction survey

As part of our commitment to quality, we invite you to send us your comments and suggestions through our online survey.

Find out more about the Qualité Tourisme™ label

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  • Qualité Tourisme, national brand created by the DGCIS (Directorate General for Competitiveness, Industry and Services)

Contact person for Commitment to Quality

Estelle COHIER