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The intermunicipal Tourist Office of Granville Terre et Mer was created in January 2016 as a result of the consolidation of the Tourist Offices of Carolles, Jullouville, Saint-Pair- sur-Mer, La Haye-Pesnel, Granville, Donville Les Bains and Bréhal. The Tourist Office is involved in promoting the "Station Nautique Granville Baie de Chausey" label, one of only three 4-star "Station Nautiques" in France, through marketing and promotion.

Under EPIC status, the Tourist Office is chaired by Bertrand Sorre, Vice President in charge of tourism at the 'Communauté de Communes', and Mayor of Saint-Pair- sur-Mer. Together with the office and the sixteen elected members of the Community Council, as well as 13 elected members with varying professional roles in the tourism industry, Mr. Sorre is implementing ambitious development plans for the region of Granville Terre et Mer.

A team of nineteen people work together on a day-to- day basis, with a great deal of energy and professionalism, to promote the Destination. Twelve trip advisors attend visitors every day at the various Tourist Information Offices, seeking to provide high-quality information and insightful advice. They also perform other duties (editing, websites, guided tours, etc) outside of high season.

Complementing this team and working closely with visitors and partners are seven employees who take care of public relations, promotion, marketing, coordinating regional projects and administration.