Warning: Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume with moderation. And remember, friends don't let friends drive drunk.

Destination Granville Terre et Mer has a plethora of places you can go for a drink, by day or night.

La Rafale
Place Cambernon, Granville

La Rafale is a charming cafe at the heart of Granville's Haute Ville, the locals' favourite hang-out. People of all generations come together here for a drink on the terrace or to try out the rum in an authentic setting surrounded by trees. You can also get hold of some imported beers, from the beer cellar set up for this purpose in the basement. You might well come here and find there's a full-blown party going on, with live music such as blues, rock, French songs and sailing songs.

La Citrouille
Rue St-Sauveur, Granville

Located at the centre of a pedestrian street in Granville, La Citrouille is the ideal place to meet up for a break in the city centre. The bar often displays work by local up-and- coming artists. La Citrouille is also the only cyber-cafe in Granville, for those who don't have internet on their mobiles. It also offers printing services.

La Cigale Voyageuse
Rue des Juifs, Granville

The Cigale Voyageuse blends right in with the numerous art galleries in the neighbourhood. The decor is a mix of painting, music and literature, and you'll often hear snippets of conversation about favourite books or latest albums, as people sit and chat about what they love best: art, in all its forms. You can sample some delicious tapas and home-made dishes at lunch time.

Le Winibelle
Rue des Juifs, Granville

Also in the rue des Juifs, the Winibelle is styled like an English pub with a colourfully original beer menu. It's obvious the owner loves rock music... The walls are splattered with it; genuine pieces of culture and history from the latter half of the 20th-century. But it's when bands come and perform on the small stage at the back that the place really starts to rock!

Westie & Wedge

Rue Georges Clémenceau, Granville

Close to Granville's casino square, this pub is as popular with regulars as it is with visitors, out on the terrace or indoors. The mix brings a friendly vibe to this very warm and welcoming pub.

Le Rocher

Place Foch, Granville

An ideal place to meet up after work close to the Granville beach. Improvise a buffet of aperitifs from the tapas menu, in a beach atmosphere that makes you feel like you're on holiday.

Le Living

Boulevard des Amiraux, Granville

Close to the marina, it's perfect for a drink on the terrace or a delicious plateful of food. The indoor area is spacious, and it's one of the few places you can play table football, pool or darts. Key info: football and rugby matches are often played on the flatscreen TVs around the bar.

Le Vin’tage Bar

Place Alsace-Lorraine, Granville

Located just outside the city centre, this winebar is easy to find as you head out of Granville towards Villedieu-les- Poêles. The beer and wine list boasts a rich and varied selection, and you can order bistro menus at lunchtime. Le Vin'tage also puts on themed entertainment in the evenings: party vibe guaranteed!

As an amateur musician, I love cafes that hold open mic nights, for people to improvise some music together. At La Rafale, it's open mic night every first Thursday of the month!

Simon, Trip Advisor and music lover


Place Charles de Gaulle, St-Pair- sur-Mer

This wine bar, located in the centre of Saint-Pair- sur-Mer, not far from the beach, is an ideal place for a date or to meet up with friends at the end of the day. The Alamaiz' team is on hand with advice on what to choose from the unorthodox tapas menu and what drinks to have with your food.

Le Perchoir du Relais des Iles

Avenue de la Mer, Coudeville-sur- Mer

This hotel-restaurant on the seafront has turned its entire upper floor into a restaurant, with a very cosy bar area, all of it lavishly decorated with works of art. A local band plays live music every week while you sit back and enjoy one of the many craft beers on the menu or the owner's infamous mojito. Why not make the most of it and book a table on the panoramic terrace overlooking the beach?

L'Hôtel des Pins

Avenue de la Libération, Jullouville

The Hotel des Pins is a charming hotel in the seaside resort of Jullouville that also features a very cosy bar-restaurant. You're welcome here for brunch, tapas or bistro menus. Sit in comfortable armchairs and take your time. Concerts are often held here, for those who love good music.

Le Brok Café

30 rue Principale, Cérences

Hidden amongst the shops in Cérences, you'll see a strange window, in front of which Ronald Mc Donald lounges on a bench. This is the Brok Café, an Ali Baba's cave that blends the concepts of second-hand shop and bar. Le Brok is a treasure trove you'll love to sit in, and perhaps buy something, while sampling a homemade rum. Top tip: there's live music every Sunday afternoon.

La Lune Rousse

Le Repas, St-Sauveur- la-Pommeraye

As you head away from the coast towards Villedieu, you'll find an original-looking cafe built entirely of stone, called Le Repas (French for The 'Meal'). La Lune Rousse merges local flavours with international colours. That applies both to the cuisine and the music. A varied programme of concerts goes on all year round and amateur musicians are always welcome to come and play the piano and guitars at their disposal.