When the tide's out, the marshes become pasture grounds for the salty-meadow lambs who roam free around here. At high tide, when the tidal coefficient goes beyond 93, the submersible road is submerged under the sea. This road is also a passageway to the dunes for hikers and cyclists. Le Havre de la Vanlée is a great place to take a walk and get away from it all any time of year.

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Watching the submersible road disappear underwater as the tide comes up in Havre de la Vanlée... Enjoying nature, observing the wildlife and seeing the landscape change; and, with any luck, assisting the show as kitesurfers take over the place and have some serious fun, under the admiring gaze of onlookers. This place, so wild and free, never ceases to amaze me.

Nathalie, head of communications and events