42 km of coastline... speckled with a great variety of beaches await you at our Destination. All you need is a bucket and spade: on your marks, children, let the sand castle contest commence! A breath of wind, and up go the kites. When the tide's out, off you go to collect seafood from the foreshore. At high tide, take it easy with your family or friends. Arm yourself with a beach towel and some holiday reading. It's La Dolce Vita, minus the frills, accessible to everybody.

For the action-seekers out there, there's a pick of thrills to be had: skim boarding, stand-up paddling - or try out the local sport of "longe côte".

Something we loved? Collecting seafood at Sol Roc in Champeaux on spring tides, with a coefficient of 90 or more. When the coefficient is over 100, the usual crowd of novices and experts looking for seafood thins out. So the shoreline becomes accessible and that's when we love to come here as a family. We usually find all kinds of treasure on the shoreline : shells, fish, and so on. There's a good harvest awaiting those who know how to look, inspecting those little holes in the sand... Then, back home, we cook up the clams - just throwing the shells in a pan, with butter, parsley, garlic and shallots.

Katy, Trip Advisor and expert in family holidays