A word with Cécile de la Varde, Château de Lez-Eaux

Cécile de La Varde is the owner of Lez Eaux campsite that offers a range of accommodation including tree-house cabins, for those seeking something out of the ordinary. It's because of her original approach that we've asked Cecile to be the third to answer our In a Word quiz.

- If this Destination were a colour, what colour would it be?
Turquoise, the colour of a pool in the sunlight or the sea on a beautiful sunny day

- A smell?
Warm sand; it's comforting at any time of day, it's a soothing smell.

- A personality trait?
Kindliness. To know that someone is always attentive to us and vice versa, to take care of those we love.

- A sound?
Children's laughter. At the beach, on the merry-go- round, at the playground... To hear the sound of happy children (and/or your own children), that's true happiness.

- A flavour?
Chocolate: milk, black, white with crispy rice, you name it... Chocolate in all its forms, Yummmmmmy

- How would you sum up this Destination?
Relaxation and well-being, that's what best sums up this little corner of paradise striding over land and sea.